"Details of your incompetence do not interest me.”
New theme :D

Not as good as the old one but cute :3 

Look Elizabeth opened a tear there :P

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joel + describing words

amazing post <3

is a better home awaiting? in the sky, in the sky.


Video game challenge → [2/7] female characters

(Screencap credit)

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From the ashes a fire shall be woken
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The Last of Us One Night ~ Cast

"What a fun, emotional, crazy night <3" - @neil_druckmann

"So, Annie is gonna step in again and be the surgeon that Joel is holding hostage. And we were rehearsing the scene, and she never seen this, and she’s like: what a hell are you guys doing?"

- Neil Druckmann

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Make me choose; victorarnodorian asked: Joel or Ellie.

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One Night Live blooper

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Joel (Troy Baker) singing and playing an apology song to Ellie (Ashley Johnson) as a final goodbye.

  • That cast is amazing
  • Hana Hayes is SO gorgeous and adorable
  • Ashley Johnson is the most perfect human
  • Why can’t we see the big surprise/WHAT IN THE WORLD IS IT?
  • Neil seemed adorably excited and giddy the whole time
  • Merle’s flawless broadway voice
  • Annie Wersching is a goddess
  • *end scene* *Neil drags Ashley out* “… OKAY!”
  • Chills when Ashley pushed Troy during the argument scene
  • I WANT MORE :’(

just ugh, perf. so stinkin’ perf.

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The Last of Us vs. The Last of Us: One Night Live

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